Lincolnshire Chess Association

Junior 2009-10

UK Chess Challenge - Terafinal (22nd Aug)

Sam Milson (Louth) came equal 2nd place in the final stage of the Chess Challenge and won £335. His sister Amy finished in equal 15th place and won £65 prize money. Full Report

British Chess Championship 2010 (30th Jul)

Gregory Barber (Lincoln) competed in the U140 championship and scored 2/5. He beat a couple of 120 graded players.

Under 11 Inter-Association Championship 2010 (20th Mar)

This event took place at Northampton on Saturday 20th March. The final table looked like this:

1 Barnet 51 points
2 Kent 51
3 Richmond 30
4 Hertfordshire 30
5 Essex 30
6 Lincolnshire 23.5
7 Cambridgeshire 23
8 Northamptonshire 17
9 Norfolk 14.5

The top 5 teams qualified for the final and as Lincolnshire finished 6th place they missed out on the final.

Under 9 Inter-Association Championship 2010 (13th Mar)

Report from Keith Palmer, Chairman Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

This event took place at Thorpe House School, Norwich on Saturday 13th March. The final table looked like this:

1 Barnet 29
2 Hertfordshire 26
3 Kent 24.5
4 Essex 18.5
5 Cambridgeshire 12.5
6 Lincolnshire 8
7 Norfolk 7.5

Our relatively inexperienced young players found the competition at this level quite challenging, particularly against the London area teams, although Tarik did beat the Barnet board 4 in this head to head game. Sailesh was also impressive on Board 2 demonstrating some clever tactical ideas which produced a creditable 50% score from his games. Many team members lost only narrowly in hard fought battles. As many of our team are Year 3's we can look forward to having a more experienced squad for 2011, while Year 4 members will hope to secure a place in our Lincolnshire Under 11 team next year.

Finally thank you to our captain, Louis Croves and our dedicated squad of under 9's for their commitment and efforts this year. Thank you also to parents and helpers without whose help and support Lincolnshire would not have been able to field a team.

Lincolnshire Schools Teams Championships 2010

Report from Keith Palmer, Chairman Lincolnshire Schools Chess Associations

Under 11 Championships
Grimoldby A 19 points Champions
Lisle Marsden A 16.5
Caistor 15
Kirkby-on-Bain 13
Lisle Marsden B 9.5
Grimoldby B 2

Under 11 Girls Championships
Lisle Marsden 14.5 points Champions
Grimoldby 10.5

Under 9 Championships
Kirkby-on-Bain 16.5 points Champions
Grimoldby 12  
Lisle Marsden 11.5