Lincolnshire Chess Association

Junior 2010-11


Team Championships cancelled (3rd Jul)

The Team Championships scheduled for Saturday 9th July has been cancelled due to insufficient entries. As an alternative, strong Year 6 players may be interested in a one day junior quick-play tournament which is being held in Lincoln on the 9th July. An entry form is available to download.

County Individual Championships Results (25th Jun)

Results from the County Individual Championships which took place on Saturday 18th June are as follows:

U11 Girls Championship
Champion: Jemi Maliyil 5/6
Runner-Up: Saskia Hunt 2/6

U10 Girls Championship
Champion: Milly Towndrow 4/6
Runner-Up: Hanna Farhan 1/6

U9 Girls Championship
Champion: Sian Spencer 5/6
Runner-Up: Lily Hensby 4/6

U8 Championship
Champion: Rithik Gaikwad 5/6
Runner-Ups: Sam Scholey 4/6
  Aaron Bruce 4/6
  Matthew Green 4/6

U11 Minor Championship
Champion: Luke Phillips 5/6
Runner-Ups: Callum Webb 4/6
  Andrew Green 4/6
  George Scholey 4/6
  Oliver Neilson 4/6

North Thoresby Champions
Champions: Alex Hewitt 3½/6
  Omar Barq 3/6

Medals for achieving 50% 3/6
U11 Minor Kai Spencer 3/6
  Sammy Braben 3/6
U9 Girls Kezia Verdageur 3/6
  Hollie Parrish 3/6
  Isabel Taylor 3/6
U8 James Wainwright 3/6

Special medal awards
Ethan Andrew
Isaac Towndrow

County Individual Championships on 18th June (15th Jun)

As an added incentive for playing in this chess tournament on Saturday there will be coaching from Amy Milson who is one of the top girl chess players in the UK. An entry form is available to download. The tournament includes the Lincolnshire U11 Girls, U10 Girls, U9 Girls individual championships, Lincolnshire U8 Mixed Boys and Girls championships, and Boys Y4-6 minor competition.

Lincolnshire U18 Championships (12th Jun)

The Lincolnshire U18 Championships is being held at Lindum Business Park on 9 July (alongside the County Championships). An entry form is available to download.

Lincolnshire U11 and U9 Schools Teams Championships - entry form now available (6th Jun)

An entry form is available for the Under 11 and Under 9 Schools Teams Championships. Could parents and school organisers please help to ensure that these events are a success by coordinating individuals and teams and rallying support from children in your area.

Results for Louth Junior Quickplay (22nd May)

Below are the results from the Louth Junior Quickplay that took place on Saturday 14th May. A picture gallery is available to view for this event.

Position Name SchoolYear School ECF Grade Score
1st Samuel Milson 12 KEVIGS 174 6
2nd Sean Guggiari 13 Caistor GS 123 5
3rd Will Grummitt 13 King's 117
=4th Neelay Sant 6 Kirton   4
=4th Charles Baird 11 Skegness GS 65 4
=4th Callum Foard 10 Carre's GS 52 4
=4th Max Vasey 9 Caistor GS   4
=4th Dan Southern 7 King's 64 4
=9th Rohan Sant 10 Boston GS  
=9th Amy Milson 10 KEVIGS 141
=9th Perry Gresham 9 King's 52
=9th Tom Claxton 13 King's 76
=13th Ben Walkley 7 Caistor GS   3
=13th Connor Stewart 9 King's 49 3
=13th Joe Scarborough 11 King's   3
=13th Will Knight 7 King's   3
=13th Karl Southern 9 King's   3
=13th James Kelly 8 King's 76 3
19th Haydn Godfrey 8 King's  
=20th Josh Parrish 7 Wintringham   2
=20th Matthew Arden 6 Kirkby-on-Bain   2
=20th Guy Harrington 9 QUEGS   2
=20th Bryony Grant 8 QUEGS   2
=20th Jacob Storey 8 King's 29 2
=20th Nathan McKiernon 9 King's   2
=26th Daniel Arden 9 QUEGS   1
=26th Simon Broderick 7 King's   1

Lincolnshire U11 and U9 Schools Teams Chess Championships - Saturday 9th July (22nd May)

The Schools Teams Chess Championships takes place on Saturday 9th July at Lisle Marsden CofE Primary School, Grimsby, DN32 0DF. It is for school teams of 4 players.

I have reduced the number of team players for this event from 6 to 4 in order to attract entries from some of the smaller schools who are now becoming involved in Lincolnshire Chess.

If you are an organiser for a school or club would you please pass details of the event to children and parents who may be interested in taking part in these rewarding and enjoyable one day events.

Keith Palmer, Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

County Individual Championships - Saturday 18th June (22nd May)

This includes the Lincolnshire Under 11 Girls, Lincolnshire Under 10 Girls and Lincolnshire Under 9 Girls Individual Championships, Lincolnshire Under 8 Mixed Boys and Girls Individual Championships and Boys Year 4-6 Minor Competition.

For 2011 we have a new venue for this event, the lovely village school at North Thoresby, just 8 miles south of Grimsby.

Last year many of our top girl chess players moved up to secondary schools and left us with a group of young inexperienced players. But a new wave of girls are now emerging and showing gritty skills in the game. The competition is wide open for our girl players and the chance to be crowned Lincolnshire champion awaits.

It was also pleasing to see so many younger boys and girls competing at the Caistor Individual Championships. An opportunity to become Lincolnshire's youngest champion now awaits a boy or girl in Year 3 or below in our Lincolnshire Under 8 Championships at the new venue of North Thoresby Primary School.

We will also be running a minor tournament for Year 4 to 6 boys so that they don't miss out!

Keith Palmer, Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

Download entry form

Results from Lincolnshire U9 and U11 County Individual Championships (22nd May)

Here are the results from the Lincolnshire Under 9 and Under 11 County Individual Championships that took place at Caistor Primary School on Saturday 14th May:

Under 11 Section
Lincolnshire Under 11 Champion: Muazzam Hamzah Lisle Marsden 5/6
Lincolnshire Under 10 Champion: Louis Croves Kirkby-on-Bain 4/6
Runner-up: Andrew Green Lisle Marsden 5/6
3rd Place: Saska Hunt Copthill 4/6
  Tom Spencer Lisle Marsden 4/6
Caistor Primary School Champion: Sam Skelton   3/6
Award for highly rated Lincolnshire Girl: Verity Walton Kirkby-on-Bain 3½/6

Under 9 Section
Lincolnshire Under 9 Champion: Tarik Mallick St Augustine Webster 5/6
Lincolnshire Under 8 Champion: Rithik Gaikwad Lisle Marsden 5/6
Runners-up: Callum Web Kirkby-on-Bain 5/6
  Sam Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden 5/6
3rd Place: Aaron Bruce Kirkby-on-Bain 4/6
  Callum McBain Grasby 4/6
  Sam Scholey Kirkby-on-Bain 4/6
  Isabel Taylor Osgodby 4/6
  Thomas Walton Lisle Marsden Primary 4/6
Caistor Primary School Champion: Chris Cook   2½/6
Award for highly rated Lincolnshire Girl: Sian Spencer Lisle Marsden 3½/6

Highly rated for scoring more than 50% in the competitions:
Sammy Braben Lisle Marsden 3½/6
George Scholey Kirkby-on-Bain 3½/6
Leigh Martin Lisle Marsden 3½/6
Oliver Neilson Lisle Marsden 3½/6
James McBain Grasby Primary 3½/6
Harris Moorcroft Lisle Marsden 3½/6
Richard Handley Grimoldby 3½/6

Thank you to parents, participants and organisers for helping to make the 2011 Individual Championships such an enjoyable and successful event.

Keith Palmer, Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

Lincolnshire U9 and U11 County Individual Championships at Caistor Primary School (5th May)

This event is open to all children who live in or attend schools in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, at ages Under 9 (Year 4 and below), and Under 11 (Years 5 and 6). It is hosted by Caistor School, a beautiful village school on the northern edge of the wolds. There will be prizes, and a title of Lincolnshire County Champion 2011 for winners at each age, and several runner-up prizes in each section. Every entrant will receive a certificate of merit. An entry form is available to download.

UK Chess Challenge Megafinal XXIX Lincolnshire at St Mary's Prep School, Lincoln (27th Apr)

A final reminder for the above event. Please note that entries are not permitted on the day for this national event. So if you have not posted your entries yet, first class by tomorrow morning will be the latest posting. Alternatively you can phone Keith Bridgewood on 01522 808927 or 07766 965686 (not after 9pm). Note also that children up to and including Year 5 play on Saturday while children in Year 6 and above play on Sunday.

Message from Keith Palmer, Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

Events for Summer 2011 (10th Apr)

U11 Inter-Association Championship (27th Mar)

Well done to our Lincolnshire U11 team who have qualified for the National Finals at Northampton on 7th May!

Lincolnshire showed great consistency in a very closely fought competition at Alder Community High School on Saturday. Going into the final round Lincolnshire had scored 14 points and were level with two other counties competing for the last qualifying position.

A solid score of 7 in the last round put Lincolnshire a half point ahead of their rivals to secure the final qualifying position.

As you can see from the results below, the competition was fiercely contested and several of our team were unable to secure points despite their huge efforts. But each player that holds a position in the team is essential to the success of the team as a whole, and as managers Steve and I were most impressed by the quality of chess, and the dedication of each player regardless of their end score. Well done to all of our team!

Message from Keith Palmer, Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association

Under 11 Team Results
No Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Score
1 Sailesh Sitaram 1 1 0 2
2 Luke Phillips 0 1 1 2
3 Tom Spencer 0 ½ 0 ½
4 Adam Snell 0 0 0 0
5 Louise Croves 0 0 0 0
6 Muazzam Hamzah 1 1 1 3
7 Leigh Martin 0 0 0 0
8 Andrew Green 1 0 0 1
9 Henry Hensby 0 0 0 0
10 Jemi Maliyil 0 0 1 1
11 Milly Towndrow 0 ½ 0 ½
12 Sammy Braben 1 0 0 1
13 Oliver Neilson 0 0 1 1
14 Tarik Mallik 1 1 1 3
15 Aaron Hunt 0 0 0 0
16 Sam Bagley-Pett 0 0 1 1
17 Kai Spencer 0 1 1 2
18 Verity Walton 0 0 0 0
19 Saskia Hunt 1 1 0 2
20 Callum Webb 1 0 0 1
    7 7 7 21

Lincolnshire withdraw team from EPSCA U11 Girls Inter Association Championship (16th Mar)

Lincolnshire have had to withdraw their team from the ESPCA U11 Girls Inter Association Championship scheduled for Saturday 26th Mar. This is due to several experienced girl team members being unavailable for this date.

Results from the Midlands Championships (16th Mar)

Report from Keith Palmer

Thank you to parents and children for their support at this inter-county event. Unusually, this was our first team meeting of the year due to poor weather and a diminishing chess programme within the county. And this showed in our results, particularly in the first rounds. When I first began to be involved in county chess this event attracted teams from Cambridge, Leicester, Yorkshire and Manchester, among others. But this year our teams were competing against just Nottingham and Northampton.

Lincolnshire Under 9 Team

Finished in 6th place with 7 points, behind teams from Northampton and Nottingham.

Lincolnshire Under 11 Girls Team

Finished in 3rd place with 7 points, behind 2 teams fielded by Nottingham. Our young and inexperienced girls found it difficult to compete with the Nottingham players, especially in the first rounds. They scored 3.5 in the final round.

Lincolnshire Under 11 Team

Finished in 3rd place with 13 points, behind teams from Northampton and Nottingham. Once again our best performance came in the final round. Many games were extremely closely fought but the more experienced players from Northampton and Nottingham just edged the games at vital moments, often in critical endgame positions.

The Midlands tournament has provided our team with some vital match play practice in preparation for the National Teams Championships, zonal at Tameside in 2 weeks time.

Finally thank you to those parents who took over the helm and organised our part teams while I was struggling against traffic holdups and sick children on the way to the venue, and especially to Heather Walton who organised and collected board fees in my absence! I was most relieved when I finally arrived home at 8.30 pm without any further catastrophes!

LJCC Under 10 Major Championship (16th Jan)

Sailesh Sitaram (Stamford) finished in equal 10th place at the London Junior U10 Major Championship with a score of 5/7.

U18 Tournament (16th Jan)

The next U18 tournament will take place on Saturday 5th February and this time will be held at The King's School in Grantham. It is a 5 round swiss tournament (25 mins each on the clock) with a coaching session at lunchtime. An entry form is available to download.

Results for Lincolnshire U18's tournament at Lincoln (7th Dec)

The latest Lincs U18 tournament took place in Lincoln on Sat 20th Nov. It was a 5 round quickplay competition with 23 players taking part and 10 schools were represented from the county. Here are the results:

Position Name Year School ECF Grade
(red = est)
TPR Points
1= Sean Guggiari 13 Caistor GS 128 131 4
  Justin Smith 13 Priory LSST 110 145 4
  Adam Robinson 10 QEGS Alford 112 136 4
  Will Grummitt 13 Kings Grantham 115 129 4
5 Tom Claxton 13 Kings Grantham 100 110
6= Joseph Hamson 10 St Bedes 111 109 3
  Matthew Smith 8   110 107 3
  James Kelly 8 Kings Grantham 90 93 3
  Joshua Masterman 8 Melior 82 102 3
  James Wilson 8 Kings Grantham 90 78 3
  Jack Richardson 13 Kings Grantham 105 98 3
12 Daniel Southern 7 Long Bennington 90 92
13= Haydn Godfrey 8 Kings Grantham 90 87 2
  Harvey Chan 13 Kings Grantham 90 80 2
  Perry Gresham 9 Kings Grantham 90 80 2
  Charles Baird 11 Skegness GS 89 77 2
  Conor Stewart 9 Kings Grantham 70 64 2
  Lilie Bagley 11 Caistor GS 61 66 2
  Callum Foard 10 Carres GS 62 74 2
  Nathan McKieron 9 Kings Grantham 60 55 2
21= Peter Layfield 7 Alford GS 40 18 1
  Blake Kenneally Forrester 6 St Andrews 40 28 1
  Jacob Storey 8 Kings Grantham 80 48 1

Results for Lincs Festival of Chess for U9's and U11's at Stamford (5th Dec)

Here are the results for the Lincs Festival of Chess held at Stamford on Saturday 27th November 2010:

Under 11 Champion: Luke Phillips Lisle Marsden 5/6
Under 10 Champion: Sailesh Sitaram Stamford Junior 6/6
Under 9 Champion: Sam Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden 5/6
Under 8 Champion: Adam Bruce Kirkby-on-Bain 4/6
U11 Girls Champion: Saskia Hunt Copthill
U9 Girls Champion: Lily Hensby Lisle Marsden 3½/6

Under 11 Tournament runners-up
Louis Croves Kirkby-On-Bain 5/6
Harry Hensby Lisle Marsden 4½/6
Tom Spencer Lisle Marsden 4½/6

Under 9 Tournament runners-up
Callum Webb Kirkby-On-Bain 5/6
Tarik Mallick St Augustine Webster 5/6
Lewis Ingamells Stamford Junior 4/6
Harris Moorcroft Lisle Marsden 4/6

Under 9 medal winners for 50% scores
Lucie Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden
Rithik Gaikwad Lisle Marsden
Thomas Nichols Stamford Junior
Sam Scholey Kirkby-on-Bain
Laura Walton Kirkby-on-Bain

Under 11 medal winners for scoring 4 points:
Thomas Marshall Grimoldby
Milly Towndrow Lisle Marsden
Blake Kenneally-Forrester St Andrew's
Adam Snell Grimoldby
Sammy Braben Lisle Marsden
Leigh Martin Lisle Marsden
Ethan Woods Malcolm Sargent
Andrew Green Lisle Marsden
Muazzam Hamzh Lisle Marsden

Under 11 medals for scoring 50%
Malcolm Arnold Stamford Junior
George Scholey Kirkby-on-Bain
Anja Sanderson Grimoldby
George Edwards-Morris Malcolm Sargent
Oliver Neilson Lisle Marsden
Kai Spencer Lisle Marsden
Arthur Graves Wragby

Nottingham Friendly Match Cancelled (3rd Dec)

The Nottingham friendly match scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled due to the adverse weather conditions. Keith Palmer sends his apologies to team members and parents who were preparing for the event.

Results from the North Lincolnshire Individual Chess Championships (19th Nov)

Here are the results from the North Lincolnshire Individual Chess Championships held at Lisle Marsden Primary School on Saturday 13th November 2010:

Under 11 Champion: Muazzam Hamzah, Lisle Marsden (5/6)
Under 10 Champion: Sailesh Sitaram, Stamford Junior (6/6)
Under 9 Champion: Tarik Mallick, St Augustine Webster and Callum Webb, Kirkby-on-Bain (5½/6)
Under 8 Champion: Aaron Bruce, Kirkby-on-Bain (4½/6)
Under 7 Champion: Matthew Green, Lisle Marsden (3½/6)
Alf Newman Cup: Muazzam Hamzah
Amy Norman Cup: Sian Spencer

Under 11 Tournament runners-up:
Luke Phillips, Lisle Marsden 4½/6
Adam Snell, Grimoldby 4/6
Harry Hensby, Lisle Marsden 4/6
Leigh Martin, Lisle Marsden 4/6

Under 9 Tournament runners-up:
Sam Bagley, Lisle Marsden 5/6
Harris Moorcroft, Lisle Marsden 4½/6
Charlie Neilson, Lisle Marsden 4/6
Sam Scholey, Kirkby-on-Bain 4/6

Medal Winners for scoring at least 50%
Kai Spencer, Lisle Marsden
Louis Croves, Kirkby-on-Bain
Arthur Graves, Wragby
Tom Spencer, Lisle Marsden
Andrew Green, Lisle Marsden
Lily Hensby, Lisle Marsden
Lucie Bagley-Pett, Lisle Marsden
Spencer Morriss, Grimoldby
Richard Handley, Grimoldby
Hollie Parrish, Lisle Marsden
Lois Scott, Lisle Marsden

Special awards for youngest entrants: Isaac Towndrow and James Wainwright both Lisle Marsden.

Stamford Festival of Chess (9th Nov)

This event is running for the second year and takes place at Stamford Junior School on Saturday 27th Nov. It is an individual event for U9's and U11's. The cost is £4 per child to be paid on the day. An entry form can be downloaded.

Diary of forthcoming events (9th Nov)

North Lincolnshire Individual Championships (9th Nov)

The North Lincs Individual Chess Championships will be held at Lisle Marsden Primary School on Saturday 13th November. An entry form is available to download. Scores from this event will be used for selecting Lincolnshire Teams for the first counties match at Nottingham on Saturday 4th December. If your child is unable to compete at Lisle but you think they should be considered for a place in a Lincolnshire Team then please email Keith Palmer. Nottingham are hosting this friendly tournament for reduced sized squads of 12 at Under 11 and 8 for Under 11 Girls and Under 9's.

Grimoldby Chess Festival (26th Oct)

This friendly tournament run by the Lincs Schools Chess Association was held at Grimoldby Primary school on Saturday 25th September. Over 50 youngsters competed in the two sections, one for under 11 and the other for under 9. Children from 7 Lincolnshire schools took part, with most entries from Lisle Marsden (Grimsby), Kirkby-on-Bain, near Horncastle and Grimoldby near Louth. Results as follows:

Under 11
1st Luke Phillips Lisle Marsden 5
=2nd William Ellemore Grimoldby 4
Andrew Green Lisle Marsden 4
Harry Hensby Lisle Marsden 4
Tom Spencer Lisle Marsden 4
Best Girls Verity Walton Kirkby-on-Bain 3
Milly Towndrow Lisle Marsden 3

Under 9
1st Sam Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden 4
2nd Rithik Gaikwad Lisle Marsden 4
=3rd Callum Webb Kirkby-on-Bain
  Sian Spencer Lisle Marsden
Good Efforts Harris Moorcroft Lisle Marsden 3
  Spencer Morris Grimoldby 3
  Lucie Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden 3

North Lincolnshire Individual Championships (4th Oct)

The North Lincolnshire Individual Championships is taking place on Saturday 13th Nov at Lisle Marsden Primary School in Grimsby. This is a six round tournament for under 11's. An entry form is available to download.

Junior event cancelled (4th Oct)

Unfortunately the Demeter Chess Festival scheduled for this Saturday has been cancelled due to problems with the booking of the venue. Keith Palmer sends his apologies to everyone intending to go to this.

U18 Tournament coming up (4th Oct)

The next U18 tournament with be on Saturday 20th November and will be held at the RAOB Club in Lincoln (the same venue for the Lincoln Chess Club). It is a 5 round swiss tournament (25 mins each on the clock) with a coaching session at lunch time. An entry form is available to download.

Events for Autumn Term 2010 (29th Sep)

Contact for Secondary Chess (29th Sep)

Several parents have asked about a contact for Seconrdary chess. Robert Dale is the Lincs organiser and he can be contacted by email at Robert will be very pleased to add you to his contact list and to keep you informed of future events. Message from Keith Palmer.