Lincolnshire Chess Association

Minor Counties Competition (2013-14)

MCCU Minor Counties Championship - East Zone
Position Teams Pl W D L Pts
1 Leicestershire 1 1 0 0 2
2 Nottinghamshire 1 1 0 0 2
3 Derbyshire 1 0 0 1 0
4 Lincolnshire 1 0 0 1 0

MCCU Minor Counties Championship Match Results
Date Match Result
19 Oct Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire 10-6
2 Nov Lincolnshire v Derbyshire 9-7
7 Dec Leicestershire v Lincolnshire 10-6

Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire

Report from Nigel Birtwistle

Lincolnshire travelled to Bramcote in the city of Nottingham to face Nottinghamshire who have returned to play in the Open Section after several years’ absence. The match had previously been arranged for earlier in the month, but I sportingly agreed to rearrange the match even though I was within my rights to claim the fixture by default due to the fact that Nottinghamshire had been unable to find a suitable venue. Unfortunately this backfired a little when I found out that we would have several regular players missing for the rearranged date. When I arrived at the venue I saw that Nottinghamshire had fielded a strong side and that we would be out graded on all but two of the boards. Despite this the team, as usual, fought very hard, but in the end Nottinghamshire emerged victorious by a 10-6 margin. The only real highlights for Lincolnshire were a nice win by Paul Cumbers, a swindle by Keith Palmer to take the full point from a dead lost position and a solid performance from Grantham's Andy Hebert to score our only other win. In hindsight some people may say that we should have claimed the original fixture when Nottinghamshire failed to find a venue, but this has never been my policy as a team captain and it never will be. We all want to play chess at the end of the day and that is how it should be. This defeat leaves Lincolnshire needing to win their two remaining matches to have any chance of qualifying for the MCCU semi-finals. However we are not out of the competition yet and hopefully we can start the fight back with a victory in our next match, which is at home against Derbyshire at the Atrium in a fortnight's time.

Date: 19/10/13
Venue: Bramcote, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Michael Barnes Gambit 201 ½-½ Claudio Mangione Lincoln 203
2 W John Swain Gambit 169 ½-½ Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 196
3 B Alex Posazhennikov Nottinghamshire 199 1-0 Nick Stead Grimsby 192
4 W Pablo Padilla Cabero Ashfield 196 1-0 Samuel Milson Louth 190
5 B Robert Richmond West Bridgford 190 0-1 Paul Cumbers Lincolnshire 189
6 W Alexander Combie Newark 187 1-0 Kevin McCarthy Grantham 170
7 B Richard Truman West Bridgford 171 0-1 Keith Palmer Louth 169
8 W Steve Hunter Gambit 170 0-1 Andrew Hebert Grantham 160
9 B Daniel Broughton West Bridgford 170 ½-½ Ivan David Grantham 159
10 W Steve Burke Ashfield 169 1-0 Steve Allott Grimsby 159
11 B Andrew Walker Nottingham University 166 1-0 Graham Ladds Newark 158
12 W Mark Kenyon West Notts 167 ½-½ Ian McDonald Lincoln 157
13 B Brian Thompson West Bridgford 165 1-0 Stuart MacDonald Grimsby 151
14 W Drag Sudar Gambit 164 ½-½ Denis Georgiou Scunthorpe 149
15 B Nick London Radcliffe & Bingham 160 ½-½ Chris Holt Grantham 148
16 W David Levens West Notts 158 1-0 Ben Mason Grantham 140

Lincolnshire v Derbyshire

Report from Nigel Birtwistle

After a defeat in our opening match of the season against Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire were looking to bounce back when they hosted Derbyshire in a must win encounter. The venue was once again the excellent Atrium building at the Lindum Group at North Hykeham which is proving to be something of a fortress for visiting teams. Lincolnshire has never lost a county match at the Atrium and the trend continued in this match. On paper it could be quite clearly seen that Lincolnshire started the match as clear favourites because Derbyshire had fielded a much weakened team to the one expected. Lincolnshire started the match with a one point advantage due to a late withdrawal by a Derbyshire player. Kevin McCarthy graciously sat out the match and seven players moved up a board, but it did enable Kevin to keep the match score updated on the team sheet via the VDU screen and also provide updates on the latest football scores as well as the England v Australia Rugby Union International. It became quickly apparent that Derbyshire were in no mood to roll over despite being out graded on all of the boards and equalised the match early on. The match was level with four games to play but a couple of wins saw Lincolnshire home by a 9-7 margin. So Lincolnshire got the win that they desperately needed to keep themselves in the hunt for a qualifying place but to be honest it was not one of the teams most sparkling performances and the team will have to significantly raise their game when they travel to face Leicestershire in their final group match on 7th December. Once again this is a match that Lincolnshire must win in order to progress further in the competition.

Date: 2/11/13
Venue: Lindum Atrium - North Hykeham
Lincolnshire (Home team) Derbyshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Claudio Mangione Lincoln 203 ½-½ Ray Evans Derby 193
2 W Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 196 1-0 Trevor Bould Burton 182
3 B Nick Stead Grimsby 192 ½-½ Simon Gilmore Belper 178
4 W David Coates Lincoln 191 ½-½ Ray Forey Derby 167
5 B Samuel Milson Louth 190 ½-½ Ralph Allen Burton 163
6 W Joe Kilshaw Grimsby 190 1-0 Martin Cobham Derby 164
7 B Daniel Wells Newark 183 0-1 Derek Jarvis Breadsall 162
8 W Harry Russell Louth 177 ½-½ John Hoddy Burton 162
9 B Keith Palmer Louth 169 ½-½ Luke Alldread Belper 151
10 W Andrew Hebert Grantham 160 0-1 Maurice Hill Rolls Royce Derby 142
11 B Ivan David Grantham 159 1-0 Dave Hoddy Burton 140
12 W Steve Allott Grimsby 159 0-1 Paul Moore Burton 136
13 B Alastair Summers Peterborough 158 1-0 Ian Edmundson Chesterfield 135
14 W Stuart MacDonald Grimsby 151 0-1 Ronald Harrison Belper 122
15 B Denis Georgiou Scunthorpe 149 1-0 Roger Walker Belper 121
16 W Kevin McCarthy Grantham 170 1-0 Default    

Leicestershire v Lincolnshire

Report from Nigel Birtwistle

This match was a winner take all encounter, with the victor progressing to the next stage of the competition, whilst for the loser there was the bleak prospect of being knocked out of the competition before Christmas and no more County chess to look forward to in the New Year. Lincolnshire fielded their strongest team of the season so far but on paper the teams were still pretty evenly matched. The match looked to be going right down to the wire, but in the last hour of play several promising positions turned against us and Lincolnshire tumbled to a 10 - 6 defeat. So it was a black day for Lincolnshire Chess in what has been a disappointing season by comparison to recent years. This season’s campaign has come to a premature end but hopefully the team will come back stronger next year and produce the results that I know we are capable of.

Date: 7/12/13
Venue: Thurmaston
Leicestershire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Martin Burrows Wigston 193 0-1 Chris Dorrington Grantham 223
2 B Sven Reimaa Hinckley E186 1-0 Claudio Mangione Lincoln 203
3 W Alan Agnew Leicestershire 185 1-0 Nigel Birtwistle Grantham 196
4 B Graham Sharpe Blaby District 178 ½-½ Nick Stead Grimsby 192
5 W John Denton Melton Mowbray 179 ½-½ David Coates Lincoln 191
6 B Andy Morley Wigston 177 1-0 Samuel Milson Louth 190
7 W Brian Galligan Syston 183 1-0 Joe Kilshaw Grimsby 190
8 B Ray Burgess Willowbrook 174 0-1 Paul Cumbers Lincolnshire 189
9 W John Robinson Braunstone 178 ½-½ Nick Payne Grantham 180
10 B Tom Reynolds Melton Mowbray 169 1-0 Keith Palmer Louth 169
11 W John Mitchell Loughborough 169 1-0 Ivan David Grantham 159
12 B Paul Colburn Braunstone 170 1-0 Graham Ladds Newark 158
13 W Sean Sheahan Loughborough 166 ½-½ Alastair Summers Peterborough 158
14 B Karl Potter Latimer 163 0-1 Ian McDonald Lincoln 157
15 W Jim Miller Loughborough 166 ½-½ Stuart MacDonald Grimsby 151
16 B Richard Hanscombe Braunstone 154 ½-½ Denis Georgiou Scunthorpe 149