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Junior 2014-15

Previous Seasons

Lincs Megafinal (9th May)

The Lincs Megafinal was held at Fosse Way Academy on Saturday 2nd May. There were 5 sections for each of the age groups: U11, U10, U9, U8 and U7. The winning boy and girl from each section qualifies for the next stage along with all the players scoring 4/6 or better. Full Results

Lincoln Junior Rapidplay (9th May)

The U18 tournament will be played alongside the Lincolnshire County Championships on 18th July at Lindum Business Park, North Hykeham. It is a 6 round Swiss tournament where players have 25 minutes each on the clock. The tournament is open to all pupils at Lincolnshire Schools aged 11-18 on 1 September 2014. There will be prizes for U18 and U13 age groups. An entry form is available to download.

Inspire 500 Rapidplay U11 Tournament (3rd Apr)

The U11 junior tournament took place at St James's Church in Louth on Saturday 28th March. The winner of the tournament was Ben Cain with a score of 5.5/6. Full Results

Stamford Teams Championships (3rd Apr)

There were 11 teams which took part in the Stamford Teams Championships on Saturday 20th March. Lisle Marsden were the worthy winners with most of their players gaining 5/5 wins. Full Report

UK Chess Challenge 2015 (8th Mar)

Most schools and clubs will be in the concluding school or club based stages of the first round of this national competition. The second stage will be played at the Fosse Way Academy, North Hykeham on Saturday 2nd May. Qualifying children will receive written confirmation and additional details from their school or club.

Inspire 500 Rapidplay U11 Tournament (8th Mar)

The U11 tournament will take place on Saturday 28th March at St James' Church in Louth. It will be held in conjunction with an adult and an U18 tournament. Please note that the venue is open to the public and close to a busy road so children will need to be closely supervised at all times during the day. There is a trophy and cash prize for the winner, and all entrants will receive a boxed 'Inspire 500' commemorative medallion. An entry form is available to download.

Midlands Chess Championships (8th Mar)

The Under 11 team finished 3rd and won a bronze award. The Under 9 team had a difficult tournament and finished 5th. The Girls team came 3rd and won a bronze award. Full Results

National Schools Teams Chess Championships (4th Feb)

6 pupils from Lisle Marsden competed in the zonal of this prestigious national tournament at Wakefield on Saturday 24th January. They qualified for the major semi-finals in emphatic style winning all 5 of their matches against competing schools, including the very experienced Wakefield Grammar team. They will now play in a weekend event at Pontins, Prestatyn in June.


  1. Matthew Green
  2. James Wainwright
  3. Ben Cain
  4. Matthew Bell
  5. Adam Cook
  6. Isaac Towndrow

national schools chess competition national schools chess competition

Junior 4NCL Weekend 3 (4th Feb)

The Yellow Bellied Knights played in the final weekend of the Junior Four Nations Chess League at Hinckley Island Hotel. They won Division 2 in their first season with 4 wins and 1 draw out of 5 rounds. Full Results

National Schools Chess Competition (13th Dec)

Lisle's Under 11 Team set off early for the long journey across the Pennines and beyond to the city of Bolton to compete for the first time in a new national schools chess competition.

The Manchester regional Final was one of 8 qualifying zones from which the top 16 chess teams in the country could progress to a National final event which will be held at Uppingham School in July 2015. In this zone 12 teams were vying for a place in the prestigious finals.

Lisle gave a good account of themselves winning all but one of their 5 matches, and losing the one narrowly by 2½ to 3½. This ensured them a comfortable 2nd position and a place in the final 16 at Uppingham in July.


  1. Matthew Green
  2. James Wainwright
  3. Ben Cain
  4. Matthew Bell
  5. Isaac Towndrow
  6. Adam Cook
  7. Reserve Samuel Wright-Crofts

national schools chess competition

Junior 4NCL Weekend 2 (13th Dec)

Lincolnshire's only team in the J4NCL, the Yellow Bellied Knights, competed at Hinckley on 22nd-23rd November. The team scored 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses and finished mid table with 5 points. Full Results.

Logo competition (30th Nov)

The results of the logo competition was decided by entrants to the North Lincs Individual Chess Championships tournament. Their choice was Sophie Trafford from North Kesteven School. The runners up were Ellie Wilton from St Norberts Primary School in Spalding and John Nichols from Spalding Grammar.

North Lincolnshire Individual Chess Championships (30th Nov)

The results for the North Lincolnshire Individual Championships held at Lisle Marsden Academy on Saturday 22nd November are as follows:

Under 11 5/6 Arya Parnian
Under 11 Girl 3/6 Amelia Matson
Under 10 5½/6 Ben Cain
Under 9 5/6 Tom Lidgard
Under 9 Girl 4/6 Ruby Hill
Under 8 4/6 Laith Nusair-Palmer
Under 7 3/6 Freddie Thompson

Runners Up
Under 11 4½/6 Adam Cook
Under 11 Girl 3/6 Sophie Grant
Under 10 4/6 Tommy Hough
  4/6 Isaac Towndrow
Under 9 5/6 Arthur Wells
Under 8 3/6 Jamie Welstead
  3/6 George Thundercliffe 
  3/6 Kaya Inal
Under 7 1½/6 Rhys Stewart

Excellent performances
Under 11 4/6 James Wainwright
  4/6 Matthew Green
  4/6 Keiran Lowe
Under 10 3½/6 Samuel Wright-Crofts
Under 9 4/6 Nitesh Anbazhagen
  4/6 Frank Kirkham
Under 8 2½/6 Huxley Cunningham
  2½/6 Raif Kirkham
  2½/6 Lydia Burgess

Alf Newman Trophy Ben Cain
Amy Norman Trophy Sophie Grant

North Lincs Individual Championships North Lincs Individual Championships

EMJCA Grand Prix (22nd Nov)

The dates for the EMJCA Grand Prix events being run this season are as follows:

14 December - Risley
22 February - Bramcote
8 March - Bramcote
10 May - Risley
7 June - Risley
5 July - Bramcote

All the events are held on a Sunday from 11am to 6pm. The entry fee for each event is £20. The player with the best 4 results from 6 events will be declared the winner. Please send entries to Christopher Dunworth. Further details are available to download.

Festival of Chess (11th Nov)

The results for the Festival of Chess held at Stamford on Saturday 1st November are as follows:

Under 11 5½/6 Arya Parnian
Under 11 Girl 4/6 Amelia Matson
Under 10 4½/6 Ben Cain
Under 9 6/6 Tom Lidgard
Under 9 Girl 4/6 Ruby Hill
Under 8 3½/6 Jack Ray
  3½/6 John Clare

Runners Up
Under 11 5/6 Robert Tombs
  5/6 Matthew Bell
Under 10 4/6 Anu Mitchell
  4/6 Sam Smith
Under 9 4½/6 Richard Thomlinson
Under 8 3½/6 Jack Burton
  3½/6 Raiffe Headley
  3½/6 Shivali Patel
  3½/6 Laith Nussair-Palmer

Excellent performances
James Wainwright 4½/6
Ewan Rodell 4½/6
Matthew Green 4½/6
Joseph Saunders 4½/6
Adam Cook 4½/6
Samuel Wright Crofts 3/6
Alex Nicholson 3/6
Harvey Roberton 3/6
Mia Permarker 3/6
William Delaney 3/6
Isaac Towndrow 3/6

festival of chess stamford festival of chess stamford festival of chess stamford

Design a Logo Competition (5th Oct)

Lincolnshire Schools Chess Association (LSCA) is running a competition open to all pupils at all Lincolnshire schools to design a new LSCA logo. Please send your entry as a word and pdf document by Friday 17th October 2014 to A flyer is available with further details about the competition.

Junior Chess Calendar 2014/15 (5th Oct)

Here are some U11 junior events coming up this season: