Lincolnshire Chess Association

U140 Counties Competition Open Team (2015-16)

MCCU U140 Counties Championship Open
Position Teams Pl W D L Match Pts
1 Nottinghamshire 3 3 0 0 6
2 Derbyshire 3 2 0 1 4
3 Worcestershire 3 1 0 2 2
4 Lincolnshire 3 0 0 3 0

MCCU U140 Counties Championship Match Results
Date Match Result
17 Oct Derbyshire v Lincolnshire 8½-7½
9 Jan Lincolnshire v Nottinghamshire 5-11
20 Feb Lincolnshire v Worcestershire 7-9

Derbyshire v Lincolnshire

Report from John Grasham

A new season means a new team for Lincolnshire this season but with ten of last year’s under 120 team plus the captain playing it was a familiar looking line up for Lincolnshire in their first match against Derbyshire. A late withdrawal meant that Jagadeesan Murugesh was forced to play on board 12. However quick defeats for him, Cameron Marnoch and Frank Robinson left us with a mountain to climb. A succession of draws slowly edged Derbyshire towards the win with Adam Robinson, Kishore Murugesh, Chris Cumbers, debutant Graeme Rae, Paul Fischer, William Orr and Mark Newstead all having to accept half a point. David Scott got us our first win after his opponent missed a tactical trick but it was all over after Bill Egan lost. We were however able to make the score respectable with wins for Behzad Parnian, myself being helped by an extra queen and bishop and youngster Andy Pollock playing his first senior game after he was able to convert a king, rook and pawn v king and rook endgame. Lincolnshire are next in action against Warwickshire on Saturday 21st November.

Date: 17/10/15
Venue: Rolls Royce Leisure Centre Pavilion, Moor Lane, Allenton, Derby , DE24 9HY
Derbyshire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Mark Carter Spondon 133 ½-½ Adam Robinson Louth 139
2 W Dylan Meyer Derby 131 0-1 Behzad Parnian Grimsby 131
3 B Roger Walker Belper 128 1-0 Bill Egan Scunthorpe 130
4 W Stephen Wootton Rolls Royce Derby 127 0-1 John Grasham Louth 129
5 B David Dunne Derbyshire 127 0-1 David Scott Lincolnshire Juniors 118
6 W Paul O'Flanagan Belper 126 ½-½ Kishore Murugesh Lincolnshire Juniors 118
7 B Philip Sheldon Spondon 124 0-1 Andy Pollock Grimsby E115
8 W Brian Lever Clay Cross 121 1-0 Arya Parnian Grimsby 113
9 B Ronald Harrison Belper 117 ½-½ Chris Cumbers Grantham 111
10 W Matthew Bubis Rolls Royce Derby 116 ½-½ Graeme Rae Horncastle E110
11 B Michael Boreham Rolls Royce Derby 115 1-0 Frank Robinson Spalding 109
12 W Edward Brown Belper 115 1-0 Jagadeesan Murugesh Lincolnshire UG
13 B Graham Pace Spondon 113 ½-½ Paul Fischer Lincoln 105
14 W Peter Willoughby Chesterfield 107 ½-½ William Orr Horncastle 105
15 B Kevin Gallagher Derby UG ½-½ Dr Mark Newstead Horncastle 97
16 W Herbert Loomes Spondon 103 1-0 Cameron Marnoch Louth 91

Lincolnshire v Nottinghamshire

Report from John Grasham

After the Warwickshire game was cancelled, we were back in action against a strong Nottinghamshire side. When the teamsheets were exchanged we realised the size of our task, with Notts having all twelve of the highest graded players. We were up against it early on with Peter Sherlock losing early and Phil Gutcher and Frank Robinson losing soon after. We did manage to impact on the scoreboard with a series of draws for Bill Egan, Mike Comben, Phill Beckett and Keith Noons and a very good win for Mike Dew over the Nottinghamshire captain. However defeats for myself from what should have been a drawn position, Andy Pollock who was a pawn up and Graeme Rae meant we had to win the final five matches to get a draw. A win for Chris Cumbers kept us in contention but draws for Frank Birkbeck and David Scott left the result beyond us. Paul Fischer then managed to lose a dead drawn position and despite William Orr hanging on for grim death in his game he lost also. However an 11-5 defeat is no disgrace against very strong opponents. Lincolnshire are back in action against Worcestershire on Saturday 20th February.

Date: 9/1/16
Venue: Lindum Group, Jubilee Place Station Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QX
Lincolnshire (Home team) Nottinghamshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W William Egan Scunthorpe 130 ½-½ Alan Robinson Ashfield 139
2 B John Grasham Louth 129 0-1 D Philip Morgan Ashfield 139
3 W Michael Comben Horncastle 129 ½-½ James L Thomson West Nottingham 138
4 B Phill Beckett Grantham 127 ½-½ Darran Ince Nomads 137
5 W Peter Sherlock Lincoln 122 0-1 Andrew Thompson Gambit 136
6 B Mike Dew Barton 119 1-0 Michael J Nailard Radcliffe & Bingham 136
7 W David Scott Louth 118 ½-½ Barry T Redburn Radcliffe & Bingham 135
8 B Keith Noons Barton 117 ½-½ Peter Brace Nomads 134
9 W Andy Pollock Grimsby 115 0-1 George Murfet Radcliffe & Bingham 133
10 B Francis Birkbeck Louth 112 ½-½ David Griffiths Nomads 133
11 W Chris Cumbers Grantham 111 1-0 Peter Gorecka-Marshall Gambit 132
12 B Graeme Rae Horncastle 110 0-1 Alan Kenyon West Nottingham 132
13 W Frank Robinson Spalding 109 0-1 Gary Bosworth Newark 129
14 B William Orr Horncastle 105 0-1 Graham Gibson Gambit 123
15 W Paul Fischer Lincoln 105 0-1 Graham Neil Nomads 120
16 B Philip Gutcher Grimsby 92 0-1 Chris Bonnello Radcliffe & Bingham 120

Lincolnshire v Worcestershire

Report from William Orr

After a busy week sorting out many late changes to the line-up and co-ordinating travel arrangements, our usual captain spent match day moving into his new house, while the U140 side travelled to East Goscote to take on Worcestershire without him. Although we were out-graded on every board the team gave a good performance and the match was keenly contested. Early wins for Adam Cook and Peter Metcalfe and a draw for Peter Sherlock got us off to a good start. After that I had to concentrate on my middle game and I missed most of the events during next hour. When I eventually checked the scores I saw that we had suffered several defeats and the match had swung in Worcestershire’s favour. Bill Egan was next to finish, agreeing to a draw, and then Chris Cumbers and Arya Parnian both won their endgames to bring the match scores level. Five games were still in progress, and we seemed to have winning chances on two them. Unfortunately our players were unable to capitalise and while Peter Damms, Behzad Parnian and David Scott agreed draws, defeat on the remaining two boards left Worcestershire 9-7 winners in a very enjoyable match. Finally, Adam Cook and Peter Metcalfe deserve a special mention for their successful debuts in a tough match, and Gary Scott deserves special thanks for stepping in at the last moment to complete the team.

That’s the final match for the U140 team this season. Thanks from everyone to John Grasham for putting the side together. We’ll all be ready for his call when next season comes round.

Date: 20/2/16
Venue: St Hilda's Church, Lingdale, East Goscote, LE7 3XW
Lincolnshire (Home team) Worcestershire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Peter Sherlock Lincoln 133 ½-½ Ray Collett Worcester 142
2 B Arya Parnian Grimsby 126 1-0 Eric Horwill Stourbridge 135
3 W Behzad Parnian Grimsby 125 ½-½ Paul Sharratt Stourbridge 134
4 B Bill Egan Scunthorpe 124 ½-½ Dave Spowart Redditch 132
5 W David Scott Louth 123 ½-½ Ian Ellis Greenlands 128
6 B Paul Fischer Lincoln 116 0-1 Ian Truscott Greenlands 127
7 W Graeme Rae Horncastle 115 0-1 Richard Leaper Mutual Circle 126
8 B Chris Cumbers Grantham 113 1-0 Andrew Wiggins Redditch 126
9 W Peter Damms Louth 112 ½-½ Sam Bradley Stourbridge 124
10 B William Orr Horncastle 108 ½-½ Jeremy Humphries Stourbridge 120
11 W Gary Scott Horncastle 107 0-1 Giles Stanton Redditch 120
12 B Will Taylor Kings School Grantham 100 0-1 Dustin Bowcott Halesowen 119E
13 W Mark Newstead Horncastle 99 0-1 David Smith Redditch 118
14 B Cameron Marnoch Louth 86 0-1 Rob Bricknell Redditch 117E
15 W Peter Metcalfe Lincoln 82 1-0 Finlay Bowcott-Terry Halesowen 100E
16 B Adam Cook Louth 76 1-0 John Hesketh Worcester 83