Lincolnshire Chess Association



Elected Officials
President Nigel Birtwistle 07708 582344 send email
Life Member Robert Dale  
Life Member Keith Palmer    
Honorary Treasurer Peter Sherlock 07902 229883 send email
General Secretary Chris Holt 07876 250460 send email
League Secretary Andrew Watson 07850 970197 send email
Correspondence Secretary Peter Sherlock (as above) send email

Other Officers
Grading Officer Peter Sherlock (as above) send email
ECF Delegate Peter Sherlock (as above) send email
MCCU Delegate Peter Sherlock (as above) send email
Ian Scott 01205 750143 send email
  William Orr 07702 266964 send email
Newsletter Editor Peter Sherlock (as above) send email
Webmaster David Coates 01673 861879 send email

Minor Team Nigel Birtwistle (as above) send email
U140 William Orr 07702 266964 send email


Appleby Frodingham (Scunthorpe)
Venue:Brumby Hall, Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, DN16 1AA
Club Night:Monday and Thursday
Start Time:7:15pm
Secretary:Denis Georgiou (01652 652949, 07749 884095), send email
Division 1 Captain:Bernard Pratten (07577 599951)
Venue:Corn Exchange, 8 Market Place, Barton on Humber, DN18 5DA
Club Night:Monday
Start Time:7:30pm
Secretary:Mick Robinson (07597 320659), send email
Venue:Gonerby Social Club, 8 High Street, Grantham, NG31 8JP
Club Night:Wednesday
Start Time:7:30pm
Secretary:Chris Holt (07876 250460), send email
Division 1 Captain:Nigel Birtwistle (07533 217325) send email
Division 2 Captain:Ben Mason (07734 158182) send email
Venue:Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, Kingsway, Cleethorpes DN35 0BY
Club Night:Monday
Start Time:7:15pm
Secretary:Peter Holman (01472 598651), send email
Division 1 Captain:Nick Stead (07757 014845), send email
Division 2 Captain:Paul Wood (07847 247296), send email
Venue:Lincoln Labour Club, Grafton House, 32 Newland, Lincoln LN1 1XJ
Club Night:Wednesday
Start Time:7:30pm
Secretary:Dave Bull (01522 787664), send email
Division 1 Captain:Peter Sherlock (01522 888693, 07902 229883), send email
Division 2A Captain:Dave Bull (07810 658129), send email
Division 2B Captain:Jason Golding (07753 165136), send email
Lincoln University
Venue:Lincoln University
Start Time:7:30pm
Division 2 Captain:Jason Gillatt (07720 529408), send email
Venue:The White Horse Inn, Kenwick Road, Louth, LN11 8EG
Club Night:Tuesday
Start Time:7:00pm
Secretary:Keith Palmer (07708 939017), send email
Notes:The private room is large, modern and clean. Both adults and juniors, experienced and learners are welcome.
Venue:Skegness Indoor Bowling Club, Wainfleet Road, Skegness PE25 2EL
Club Night:Monday
Start Time:7pm
Secretary:Andrew Watson (07850 970197), send email
Venue:Spalding Services and Social Club, 24 High Street, Spalding, PE11 1TX
Club Night:Tuesday
Start Time:7:30pm
Secretary:Keith Davis, send email

Grading List

The ECF grades are published in January and July each year. The ECF Online Grading Database allows you to look up a player's grade.


  1. Playing Arrangements
    1. All matches shall be played by the FIDE laws of chess. (2017)
    2. All league games shall be played to a finish. All moves in 1 hour 20 minutes with 10 second increments for each move. As this is Fischer timing, the two minute rule does not apply. (2019)
    3. Two points shall be awarded to a team winning a match, one point shall be awarded to each team in a drawn match and no points to a team losing a match. The League champions shall be the team with the highest number of match points. In the event of a tie, the order of teams shall be determined by the number of game points scored. If this is also equal then the title will go to the team with the higher aggregate of game points in the League fixtures between the tying teams in that season. If there is still a tie the tied clubs shall share the trophy. (2011)
    4. Rules for Division 1
      1. The matches will take place over 5 boards (2002)
      2. The home team shall have white on odd boards (2019)
      3. There is no grading limit (2011)
    5. Rules for Division 2
      1. The matches will take place over 4 boards (1986)
      2. The home team shall have white on odd boards (1986)
      3. All players must have an ECF grade of 155 or less on the date of the AGM. If they have no ECF grade their FIDE grade must be 1890 or less on the date of the AGM. If they have no ECF or FIDE grade it will be down to the team captain to notify the league secretary before the match and it will be at the league secretary’s discretion whether they will be eligible. (2011)
    6. If a division has 2 or 3 teams they shall play each other home and away twice during the season. If a division has 4, 5 or 6 teams they shall play each other home and away once during the season. If a division has 7 or more teams they shall play each other once during a season and must not play two or more home games than away games and vice versa during the season. (2011)
    7. If a team should withdraw without completing their fixtures their results will be cancelled and not contribute to the final league table but matches will still be graded. (2011)
    8. Fixtures shall be decided at the County AGM in September and shall be played between the date of the AGM and the end of May the following year. (2011)
    9. Matches shall start at 7.30pm at all clubs unless a different time is agreed by both team captains and the league secretary is informed. (2019)
  2. Participant Rules
    1. The Home Team Captain shall confirm a match with the opposing captain at least one week before the date of the said fixture. The Home Team Captain should also forward results to the League Secretary within one week of the fixture being played, copying in the opposing team captain as well. (2017)
    2. A half-point penalty shall be awarded against a team defaulting a board unless the opposing captain has been informed “before the start of play” (1994)
    3. If a team member does not arrive within 30 minutes of the start of play, then they shall default their match. (2011)
    4. After taking into consideration Rules 2(b) and 2(c) above, the unavailability of a player is not considered sufficient cause for a match postponement/cancellation. A replacement should be found or the opposing team captain informed of board shortage. (2017)
    5. Teams shall play in order of strength. Generally this will be ECF grade order, but a tolerance of ten grading points will be permitted to allow for differences in form to be reflected in the board order. Captains may exercise this tolerance without the need to justify it to their opponents. If a player is ungraded the League Secretary will give the player an estimated grade based on information available bearing in mind Rule 1(e)(iii). If a team defaults any boards, they must default the lowest boards. (2017)
    6. No player may play for more than one club in the same division in the same season unless special dispensation is given by the League Secretary. (2011)
    7. It shall be the responsibility of the home team to provide the necessary equipment. (2011)
    8. A smoking ban will be enforced in League Match playing areas. (1992)
    9. If a captain wishes to request a postponement of a fixture he should contact the opposing team captain.
      1. If both captains agree the postponement can go ahead. However both captains must agree on the date to replay the match and the team captain requesting the postponement must notify the league secretary of the date of the rearranged fixture within fourteen days of the postponement. If the league secretary does not receive notification within this timeframe then it will be at their discretion to either set the date on which the league fixture must be played or default the team which has requested the postponement.
      2. If the opposing captain does not agree to the postponement then it will be referred to the League Secretary to decide whether there were sufficient grounds for the postponement. If there aren’t sufficient grounds for the postponement then the team requesting the postponement will default the match. If there are sufficient grounds for the postponement then rule 2 (i) i shall apply with the fourteen day period starting when the league secretary notifies both team captains of his decision. (2017)
  3. Sanctions
    1. If there is a dispute then the two team captains should try to settle it amicably. If this is not possible then the League Secretary will rule on the dispute taking into account the rules above. The League Secretary’s decision shall be final and binding. (2011)
    2. The League Secretary shall have the following sanctions at their disposal:
      1. Awarding a game to the opposing team. (2011)
      2. Deducting half a point from a team's Game Difference. (2017)
      3. Awarding the match to the opposing team. (2011)
      4. Deducting one point against a team's points total. (only for consistently flaunting the rules)(2007)
    3. In the interests of clarity, sanctions (ii) and (iv) above shall not contribute to the overall score in the match in which the sanction has occurred. (2017)

Advice on Fischer Timings


  1. The Title: The Association shall be entitled "The Lincolnshire County Chess Association", it's objective to be to encourage the playing of Chess throughout the County in every possible manner.
  2. The Members: Any person being a member of a chess club situated in the County shall be deemed to be a member of The Association. Members eligible to vote shall be any person being a member of a chess club participating in the Lincolnshire Leagues.
  3. The Officers: The following Officers shall be elected annually at a General Meeting of members and shall manage the affairs of the Association.
    1. President
    2. Secretary
    3. Treasurer
    4. League Secretary
    5. Junior Secretary(ies)
    6. County team captain(s)
    7. Correspondence Secretary
    8. Grading Officer
    9. MCCU representative(s)
    10. ECF representative(s)

    Any member shall be eligible for re-election and any additional officials may be elected as deemed necessary.
  4. Life Members: Life Members shall be elected by members at a General Meeting for outstanding work in the cause of chess in the County.
  5. Subscriptions: Subscriptions shall be payable by clubs participating in the Lincolnshire Leagues at a rate of £40 per team in Division 1 and £30 per team in Division 2 North or Division 2 South upto a maximum of £100 per club. The amount and method of calculating the subscription can be changed as agreed by the members at a General Meeting. Any club who has not paid any monies owed to the Lincolnshire Chess Association (Club Subscriptions or game fee for non-ECF members) before the date of the AGM will be warned as to it’s future conduct by the LCA and will be minuted in the official minutes of the AGM. Any club that has not paid any monies owed to the LCA for two years shall be banned from entering the Lincolnshire League until such time as they have paid all outstanding monies to the LCA.
    The Treasurer will be responsible ensuring that the subscriptions due to the MCCU and ECF are paid at the appropriate time.
  6. Activities: The Association shall each year be responsible for the organisation of all events as may be decided upon at any General Meeting of the members.
  7. Meetings: The Secretary shall give notice in writing of all meetings to be held not less than fourteen days beforehand. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in September each year. The President and Secretary shall have the power to call any Special General meetings at their discretion. Any six members may request the Secretary to call a Special Meeting for which they must give specific reasons in writing to the Secretary. The Secretary must then call a meeting by informing the secretary of each club participating in the Lincolnshire League within fourteen days of receipt of this request.
  8. Alteration to Rules: Notice of any proposition to amend the "Constitution of the Association", or to amend the rules governing Tournaments organised under clause 6 shall be sent to the Secretary not later than 31st July for consideration at the following Annual General Meeting in September. It shall be necessary for a majority representing two-thirds of those voting to cause any alteration or amendment to these. However, in all cases of ordinary business a simple majority vote will decide the point at issue. In the event of a voting tie, the President or his deputy in the Chair shall have the casting vote.

This constitution was agreed at the Annual General Meeting of Lincolnshire County Chess Association on Saturday 13th September 2008 and amended at the AGM in 2012.

Minutes of General Meetings

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