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British Championships

Ponds Forge International Sports Centre The 89th British Championships took place at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield from Sunday 24th July to Saturday 6th August. There were 24 events played over the 2 weeks including the championship, senior championship, graded championships, junior championships, major open, 5 day open morning, 5 day open afternoon, rapidplays and weekenders.

There was a good representation of Lincolnshire players at the British Championships in many different events. The best result was from Sam Milson (Louth) in the Weekender Atkins who finished in equal 4th place with a score of 3½/5 and just missed out on some prize money. The Championship was particularly strong this year and the 2 Lincolnshire players in this event struggled to get good scores. Nigel Birtwistle (Grantham) came equal 71st out of 89 with a score of 4/11 and David Coates (Lincoln) came equal 80th with a score of 3½/11. In the Senior Championship Harry Russell was in equal 3rd place after 5 rounds but then lost his 2 remaining games to finish mid table in 18th place out of 45.

Here is a summary of the results for the Lincolnshire players:

Here are some of the Lincolnshire players who took part in this year's British Championships:

Nigel Birtwistle playing in the Championship
Nigel Birtwistle
2214 / 194
David Coates playing in the Championship
David Coates
2080 / 189
Will Egan playing in the Yates weekender
Will Egan
Jan Van Gemeren playing in the Senior Championship
Jan Van Gemeren
1869 / 138









Amy Milson playing in the Soanes weekender
Amy Milson 127
Sam Milson playing in the Atkins weekender
Sam Milson 176
Harry Russell playing in the Senior Championship
Harry Russell 185
Peter Sherlock playing in the U160 Championship
Peter Sherlock 145