Lincolnshire Chess Association

Lincolnshire Megafinal 2014

The Lincolnshire stage of the UK Chess Challenge took place on Saturday 3rd May at the Fosse Way Academy, North Hykeham. The event was organised by Keith Bridgwood. Over 100 Lincolnshire juniors took part. 38 players qualified for the next stage of the competition by either being top of their section or scoring at least 4/6. The qualifiers are as follows:

Name School Section Points Title
Jack Burton Malcolm Sargent PS u7b 6/6 Supremo
Nicholas Lees Malcolm Sargent PS u8b 6/6 Supremo
Ben Cain Lisle Marsden u9b 5/6 Supremo
Arya Parnian Grimsby CC u10b 6/6 Supremo
Jacob Harrison Lisle Marsden u11b 6/6 Supremo
Luke Tooth Bourne GS u12b 4½/6 Supremo
Daniel Godfrey The King's School u13b 3½/6 Supremo
Neelay Sant Louth CC u14b 4½/6 Supremo
William Knight The King's School u15b 5/6 Supremo
James Kelly The King's School u16b 5/6 Supremo
Perry Gresham The King's School u17b 3½/6 Supremo
Shivali Patel Witham Hall u7g 4/6 Suprema
Ruby Hill Osgodby u8g 4/6 Suprema
Georgina Nicholson Malcolm Sargent PS u9g 4½/6 Suprema
Amelia Matson Fosse Way Academy u10g 4/6 Suprema
Valentina Lees Malcolm Sargent PS u11g 5/6 Suprema
Kira Mackenzie Huntcliff School u14g 4/6 Suprema
Amy Milson Louth CC u18g 4½/6 Suprema
Peter Barker Burton Hathow u7b 4½/6 Qualifier
Harry Moore Osgodby u8b 4/6 Qualifier
Max Wilson Kirkby-on-Bain u8b 4½/6 Qualifier
Dillan Green Osgodby u8b 4½/6 Qualifier
Alyssa Morris Parish Church u8g 4/6 Qualifier
Luke Grogan Lisle Marsden u9b 4/6 Qualifier
James Peatfield Osgodby u9b 4/6 Qualifier
Ben Appleyard Thurlby Comm. PS u9b 5/6 Qualifier
Nicole Rollinson Malcolm Sargent PS u9g 4/6 Qualifier
Kishore Murugesh Tower Road u10b 5/6 Qualifier
Matthew Bell Lisle Marsden u10b 4/6 Qualifier
James Wainwright Lisle Marsden u10b 4/6 Qualifier
Aaron Bruce Kirkby-on-Bain u11b 4/6 Qualifier
Rithik Gaikwad Lisle Marsden u11b 5/6 Qualifier
Hollie Parrish Lisle Marsden u11g 4/6 Qualifier
David Scott Louth CC u12b 4/6 Qualifier
William Taylor The King's School u15b 4/6 Qualifier
Daniel Southern The King's School u15b 4½/6 Qualifier
Haydn Godfrey The King's School u16b 4½/6 Qualifier
Jacob Storey The King's School u16b 4½/6 Qualifier

Lincolnshire Megafinal stage 2014