Lincolnshire Chess Association

Midlands Championships 2014

Report from Keith Palmer

Here is a brief summary of the teams' achievement on the day:

Under 11 Team - Finished in 3rd position

Our under 11's were magnificent. They begin slowly taking just 6.5 points in the first round. But they improved in subsequent rounds taking 8 points in the second and 10 points in the 3rd round. This improvement in form secured a very creditable 3rd place, and medals for our team. All of the team contributed to their success but a special mention must go to Harvey Walker, Ewan Rodell and Arya Parnian who each scored the maximum 3 out of 3 in their games.

No Team R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Nottinghamshire 16 16 14 46 pts
2 Northamptonshire 14.5 13 13.5 41 pts
3 Lincolnshire 6.5 8 10 24.5 pts
4 Leicestershire 6 8 7 21 pts
5 Derbyshire 7 5 5 17 pts

Under 11 team

Under 11 players in action

Under 11 Girls Team - Finished in 3rd position

Lincolnshire have a long tradition of fostering excellent girl chess players and it's good to see that we continue that trend at the Midlands Championships this year. As other associations are unable to field a full Girls Team, Lincolnshire Girls found themselves in a tough tournament competing against two formidable Nottingham teams. Despite a huge commitment and many long and closely fought games we only managed to claw a few points against their experienced rivals. Our Girls were rewarded for their efforts and awarded 3rd place medals. A special mention to Ruby Hill, our youngest Under 11 who scored an excellent win and two draws in her matches.

No Team R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Nottingham Tigers 10 11 9 30 pts
2 Nottingham Panthers 6 4 5 15 pts
3 Lincolnshire 3 3 2 8 pts

Smiles from our Under 11 Girls Team

Under 9 Team - Finished in 6th position

This was a tough section with just teams from Nottingham and Northampton competing with our Lincolnshire youngsters. For a number of our players this was their first experience of county level chess. Nevertheless, our players gave a determined performance taking a 3 or 4 points from their opponents in each round. While all of our team deserve huge credit for their fighting performance, a special mention must be made for one of our very youngest team members, Arthur Wells, who scored an excellent 2 wins and a draw in his first call up for the team.

No Team R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Nottinghamshire 'A' 10 7 12 29 pts
2 Nottinghamshire 'B' 8.5 8.5 10.5 27.5 pts
3 Leicestershire 8 8 9 25 pts
4 Northamptonshire 3 7.5 7.5 18 pts
5 Nottinghamshire 'C' 3 4 2.5 9.5 pts
6 Lincolnshire 3 4.5 1.5 9 pts
7 Nottinghamshire 'D' 4.5 0.5 0.5 6 pts

Lincolnshire Under 9 Team

Second attempt to get all of the team for a photograph!

Under 9 section in the playing hall