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Stamford Teams Championships 2015

Report from David Lees

There were 11 teams from 8 schools (3 more than last year) which took part on 20 March in the 2nd Stamford U11 Schools Team Chess Congress. Sadly St Botolph's of Sleaford and John Clare from Helpston had to drop out at short notice due to logistical problems.

Each school team had 6 players and some had a reserve player to alternate with the board 6.

Schools competing were: hosts Malcolm Sargent (3 teams), Stamford Junior School (2 teams), St John the Baptist, Spalding (1 team), Staniland Academy, Boston (1 team), Lisle Marsden, Grimsby (1 team), Witham Hall Junior School (1 team), Laxton Junior School (1 team) and Peterborough School (1 team). There were 5 rounds with a maximum of 40 minutes playing time per game.

End results for the tournament were as follows:

Final Standings
No Team Points
1 Lisle Marsden 5/5 (Trophy and gold medal winners)
2= Malcolm Sargent Team Carlsen 4/5 (silver medals)
2= Witham Hall 4/5 (silver medals)
4= Staniland Academy, Boston
4= Peterborough School
4= St John the Baptist, Spalding
7-11 Remaining teams, including Malcolm Sargent Team Kasparov
and Malcolm Sargent Team Fischer

All teams scored at least 1 point.

There were also awards for best boy and best girl players in the tournament.

Best boys in tournament with 5/5: Sam Simpson (Y6, Team Fischer); Nicholas Lees (Y4, Team Carlsen); 5 from Lisle Marsden, 1 each from Staniland and Witham Hall
Best girl in tournament with 4/5: Georgina Nicholson (Y5, Team Carlsen)

Lisle Marsden were worthy winners with most of their players also gaining 5/5 wins. The team competes at national level primary school competitions and so were always going to be tough to beat.

Staff of all schools and pupils had a great day and look forward to next year's 3rd annual tournament.


Stamford Teams Championships 2015
Stamford Teams Championships 2015