Lincolnshire Chess Association

U120 Counties Competition Open Team (2016-17)

MCCU U120 Counties Championship Open
Position Teams Pl W D L Match Pts
1 Nottinghamshire 4 4 0 0 8
2 Warwickshire 4 2 0 2 4
3 Lincolnshire 4 1 0 3 2
4 Worcestershire 3 1 0 2 2
5 Staffordshire 3 1 0 2 2

MCCU U120 Counties Championship Match Results
Date Match Result
15 Oct Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire 9½-2½
29 Oct Lincolnshire v Warwickshire 7½-4½
10 Dec Worcestershire v Lincolnshire 7½-4½
18 Feb Lincolnshire v Staffordshire 5-7

Nottinghamshire v Lincolnshire

Report from William Orr

With several of last year’s players now too strong for the U120 squad and a number of others having prior commitments, assembling a team for the away match against Nottinghamshire was reduced to simple task of naming the 12 players who were available. Special thanks to Kieran Burt from Horncastle, Terry Bennett from Spalding and Neil Roberts from Lincoln who all stepped forward to play in their first county match. Unfortunately Richard Coats contracted food poisoning and had to withdraw at the last minute, leaving us a player short and forced to default one board. As expected the Nottinghamshire team had a notable grading advantage, and I knew a tough afternoon was likely. So it proved, though as I concentrated on my own game and ignored the distractions of the match, I missed everything that happened on the other boards. By the time my game ended the match was already lost, with only Terry Bennett and Mark Newstead winning and Chris Cumbers securing a draw.

Date: 15/10/16
Venue: Bramcote, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Amaan Gogia West Nottingham 119 1-0 Behzad Parnian Grimsby 119
2 Graham Gibson Nottingham Central 119 1-0 William Orr Horncastle 118
3 W Bernardo Pincheira Nottingham University 118 1-0 Graeme Rae Horncastle 116
4 B Alberto Rodriguez Nomads 116 ½-½ Chris Cumbers Grantham 114
5 W Michael Harper Gambit 115 0-1 Terry Bennett Spalding 112
6 B Len Morrell Radcliffe & Bingham 113 1-0 Neil Roberts Lincolnshire E110
7 W Bob Garnett West Bridgford 110 0-1 Mark Newstead Horncastle 108
8 B Joe Wright Nottingham University 109 1-0 Will Taylor Lincolnshire Juniors 103
9 W Rikita Maladkar West Nottingham 109 1-0 Paul Chaplin Grimsby 98
10 B Margaret Gretton Gambit 108 1-0 Peter Metcalfe Lincoln 84
11 W Bob Abrahart West Bridgford 102 1-0 Kieran Burt Horncastle 63
12 B Allan Brown West Bridgford 104 1-0 Default    

Lincolnshire v Warwickshire

Report from William Orr

Two weeks after our first match the U120 side were back in action against Warwickshire, and once again I missed most of the action while I concentrated on my own game. By the time I had finished we were already in a comfortable position with wins for Paul Fischer, Neil Roberts, Terry Bennett and Will Taylor, and draws for Chris Cumbers and Mark Newstead. A few boards were still playing. Robert Stokes, in his first match for a county team, was an exchange down, but his pawn on the seventh rank was enough to earn another draw. Graeme Rae was clearly thinking hard and expecting a draw in a rook and pawns endgame, but when his opponent allowed an exchange of rooks he was able to find a winning pawn promotion.

Overall a good result for the team, with a win against the beaten finalists in last year’s national competition.

Date: 29/10/16
Venue: St Hilda's, East Goscote
Lincolnshire (Home team) Warwickshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 W Behzad Parnian Grimsby 119 0-1 Jason Madden Leamington 117
2 William Orr Horncastle 118 1-0 Roy Watson Kenilworth 117
3 W Graeme Rae Horncastle 116 1-0 Rob Mantell Leamington 115
4 B Chris Cumbers Grantham 114 ½-½ Paul Kelly Nuneaton 117
5 W Terry Bennett Spalding 112 1-0 Marek Zawadzki Stratford 110
6 B Paul Fischer Lincoln 111 1-0 Simon Weaver Warwickshire 112
7 W Neil Roberts Lincolnshire E110 1-0 Paul Davies Stratford 106
8 B Mark Newstead Horncastle 108 ½-½ John Pakenham Warwickshire 108
9 W Frank Robinson Spalding 107 0-1 Penny Wood Solihull 104
10 B Robert Stokes Scunthorpe 106 ½-½ Peter Stiff Strafford 93
11 W Will Taylor Lincolnshire 103 1-0 Peter Leggett Leamington 96
12 B Peter Metcalfe Lincoln 84 0-1 Pauline Woodward Warley Quinborne 100

Worcestershire v Lincolnshire

Report from William Orr

Lincolnshire teams had a busy schedule recently with U120 and U140 matches in close succession, and it wasn't surprising when fewer players than usual declared themselves free to take on Worcestershire. At times like this a team captain might long for the great days of Soviet chess, when a phone call from Stalin would be enough to ensure the appearance of Botvinnik, Keres and the rest. Fortunately Terry, Richard and Kieran stepped forward to take the last few places, and Cameron Marnoch was back from university to make a welcome return to the team.

The match began with two of the Worcestershire players absent, leaving Robert Stokes and Mark Newstead without opponents, and their games eventually began around 25 minutes late. I concentrated on my game and missed most of the early action. By the time I resigned Robert and Andrew Watson had won their games and Paul Fischer had agreed a draw, but Worcestershire had done well elsewhere and were already on 5½ points, leaving them within reach of match victory. They soon secured the points they needed when Mark and Graeme Rae concluded their games with draws. A late win for Richard Coats boosted the Lincolnshire score, but Worcestershire ended winners by 7½ points to 4½.

The final match for the U120 team will be against Staffordshire in February when a good result will be needed if we are to progress to the ECF stage of the competition.

Date: 10/12/16
Venue: Sharnford Evergreen Hall, Leicester Road, Hinckley, LE10 3PP
Worcestershire (Home team) Lincolnshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1   David Smith Redditch 116 1-0 William Orr Horncastle 118
2   Jeremy Humphries Stourbridge 116 ½-½ Graeme Rae Horncastle 116
3   Terry Radford Droitwich 104 1-0 Chris Cumbers Grantham 114
4   Michele Clack Redditch 101 1-0 Terry Bennett Spalding 112
5   Toni Reed Redditch 99 ½-½ Paul Fischer Lincoln 111
6   Peter Hodkinson St Georges 99 ½-½ Dr Mark Newstead Horncastle 108
7   Kevan Ward Worcestershire 96 0-1 Robert Stokes Scunthorpe 106
8   Richard Collett Worcester 94 0-1 Richard Coats Spalding 99
9   Terry Pountney Kidderminster 87 0-1 Andrew Watson Horncastle 85
10   Monty Woodhouse Worcestershire 86 1-0 Peter Metcalfe Lincoln 84
11   Daniel Arkell Stourbridge 74 1-0 Cameron Marnoch Louth 75
12   Joyce Evans Halesowen 67 1-0 Kieran Burt Horncastle 63

Lincolnshire v Staffordshire

Report from William Orr

The date of the match against Staffordshire coincided with the half-term break, Doncaster Congress and Lincoln City playing in the FA Cup, so it wasn’t too surprising when a number of regular players were unavailable. Fortunately several junior players were available and I was very pleased to give them a chance to experience a county match. Thanks to all those who volunteered especially Charles Moss who responded to my late telephone request and found himself on board 4 the next day. Unfortunately we were well outgraded as a team and I knew that it would take exceptional performances to give us any chance of securing a win.

The match began without an opponent for Adam Cook, and Staffordshire eventually conceded that point. Once again I concentrated on my own game, and saw nothing of the rest of the match. There were wins for Chris Cumbers and myself and draws for Graeme Rae, Charles Moss, Frank Robinson and Peter Metcalfe, giving Lincolnshire 5 points but leaving Staffordshire the winners on 7.

That leaves Lincolnshire on 2 points, unfortunately not enough to secure a place in the ECF stage so there will be no further matches for the U120 side this season. Thanks to all those who played, arranged transport and otherwise helped out.

Date: 18/2/17
Venue: The Old School, Thurmaston
Lincolnshire (Home team) Staffordshire (Away team)
Board Colour Name Club Grade Score Name Club Grade
1 B Graeme Rae Horncastle 126 ½-½ Andrew Lenz Brewood 123
2 W William Orr Horncastle 122 1-0 Julian Hawthorne Kidsgrove 118
3 B Terry Bennett Spalding 115 0-1 Nicholas Wright Newcastle-under-Lyme 117
4 W Charles Moss Lincoln 112 ½-½ David Barker Stafford 115
5 B Mark Newstead Horncastle 111 0-1 Simon Jones Bushbury 115
6 W Chris Cumbers Grantham 109 1-0 Anthony Meakin Rugeley 110
7 B Frank Robinson Spalding 105 ½-½ Michael Page Lichfield 109
8 W Peter Metcalfe Lincoln 83 ½-½ Paul Guest Brewood 105
9 B Adam Cook Louth 77 1-0 Default    
10 W Paul Rutter Horncastle E70 0-1 Stuart Hull Fenton 96
11 B Kieran Burt Horncastle 64 0-1 David Buckley Bushbury 80
12 W Amogh Pilani Louth 62 0-1 Andrew Davies Brewood 83