Lincolnshire Chess Association

Weekly Team Battle

My name is Adam Robinson and I have been organising a weekly team battle between all my former and current clubs, this includes Louth. The last few weeks has seen 5 teams battle it out on Tuesday @7pm in 3+2 blitz chess with between 20 – 26 players participating.

I was wondering if more clubs in Lincolnshire would be interested to participate. The arena is for all abilities and strengths with an overall team winner.

In order to participate they will need to form a Lichess team. This is done by creating an account. Once this is done you can create a team. A team leader will then encourage all participants to join this team and inform me of the team name. I can then enter them into the team battle which for example is the tournament this week and lists how it all works. If there is only a small amount of interest I would happily create a Lincolnshire Nomad team so that anyone can play for next week