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Message from Nigel Birtwistle

Earlier this year the new social media officer for Lincolnshire Chess Andrew Watson set up a Facebook page called Play Chess in Lincolnshire. If you haven't already joined, please use the link below:

Play Chess in Lincolnshire

In addition to Play Chess in Lincolnshire there are a number other Facebook pages related to Lincolnshire Clubs:

This is a new initiative by the Lincolnshire Chess Association to try and help our clubs reach out to as many people as possible. After lockdown ended most Lincolnshire clubs saw a reduction in membership and the idea is to use Facebook and other forms of social media to let people know about the Chess Clubs based in Lincolnshire. Andrew will use the page to bring all of the Lincolnshire Chess Clubs under one roof and by regular posting will publicise them to the maximum. We hope to make all of the clubs visible for anybody who is looking to join a club. We want to encourage players of every standard to join the club that is nearest to them. We realise that there are a lot of chess players out there who are not currently members of a club. They could be complete beginners or more experienced players who have not played over the board chess for a few years. There are also a lot of players who just play online at the moment, and we want to make them all aware of the presence and location of our Lincolnshire Chess Clubs.

We want you all to play your part as well. We need you to help us by spreading the word about the new Facebook pages. We would like you all to join the pages please and invite as many of your friends as possible to join as well. Only by doing this can we encourage new people into the clubs. To be honest I am not the biggest user of social media myself! But I realised that we have to move with the times, so I joined Facebook last year. I found that it is the quickest and simplest way to get projects like this one off the ground.

So, if you are a current Facebook user, please use the links above to join us. And if you have not used Facebook before we encourage you to join Facebook and then join our groups using the link above.