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Kirkby Training Event 2013 (13th Oct)

Report from Keith Palmer

Our first event of the year took place on Saturday at Kirkby-on-Bain Primary School. The day began with 3 quick 10 minute games. Competition was fierce and by the end only 2 players had acquired a full 3 points.

The room was then split into two training camps, one of experienced and one of new players. Ian Scott gave his group insights into opening theory and the importance of piece development in this first stage of the game. Meanwhile, I took the experienced group and looked in depth at a fascinating rook and pawn endgame that had occurred in the final round of the 10 minute tournament. The game had ended drawn but could so easily have been a win but for the knowledge of a clever tactical idea available to black. Once shown never forgotten!

Late summer sunshine ensured that children could enjoy the leafy play area over lunch. The afternoon session saw children from different schools join to play consultation matches - a rather noisy but educational type of teams chess. Several of the games went to the wire and were only decided in the final seconds of the hour that had been allotted for the match.

A 15 minute match concluded the day for all and the two unbeaten Matthews from the morning session were pitted against each other to find the day's champion. It was Matthew Green from Lisle Marsden who prevailed.

Each entrant was presented with a commemorative boxed medal by Mr Morley, headteacher at Kirkby-on-Bain before they departed for home.

Thank you to everybody who contributed to making our first event of the year a success.

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