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East Midlands Chess Festival (9th Jun)

The East Midlands Chess Festival will be taking place on Sunday 16th June. There is a team event for juniors, an individual training event for juniors, and a mixed adult/junior tournament all on the same day. A flyer is available to download.

UK Chess Challenge 2013 Megafinal (9th Jun)

A list of qualifiers from the second stage of this national competition can be found on the UK Chess Challenge web site. Well done to our Lincolnshire players who have qualified for the next stage, the Gigafinal which will be held at Wright Robinson College, Gorton, Manchester. You should now have received details about the event if you have qualified.

Lincolnshire County Championships (17th May)

The Lincolnshire County Championships that was scheduled for this coming Saturday at Caistor Primary School has been cancelled due to the school not being available. It has been rearranged for Saturday 22nd June at Sibsey Free Primary School in Boston. The Championships will consist of six rounds with at least two sections. An entry form is available to download.

U18 Tournament Louth Results (3rd May)

The winner of the U18 tournament held in Louth on Saturday 27th April was Amy Milson (Louth) with a score of 5½/6. Full results View gallery

Louth Junior Quickplay (10th Mar)

The next U18 tournament will be the Louth Junior Quickplay which will take place on Saturday 27th April at St James' Church House, Louth. An entry form is a available to download.

U18 Tournament Grimsby Results (10th Mar)

The winner of the U18 tournament held in Grimsby on Saturday 2nd March was James Kelly (King's Grantham) with a score of 5½/6. The current leader of the U18 tournaments mid way through the season is Neelay Sant with 8½ points. Full results

U11 Inter-Association Championship 2013 - team withdrawal (10th Mar)

The U11 Lincolnshire team have been withdrawn from the zonal at Oldham on Saturday 16th March. This is due to a shortage of players. Keith Palmer apologises for the withdrawal, in particular to those players and parents who said they were available and have already made their plans for the event.

Midlands Championships Results (10th Mar)

Three teams from Lincolnshire recently competed in the Midlands Championships. The U11 team finished in 3rd position, the U11 girls team also finished in 3rd position and the U9 team finished in 4th position. Full Report.

Louth Junior Quickplay Tournament (3rd Mar)

The Louth Junior Quickplay tournament will be held on Saturday 27th April at St James' Church House in Louth. It is a 6 round tournament with each player having 25 minutes on the clock and is open to Lincolnshire players who are under 18. An entry form is available to download.

Stamford Festival of Chess Results (17th Feb)

A very enjoyable event on Saturday with 64 children packing the Hall at Stamford Junior School. Thank you to all who helped make the tournament so enjoyable.

Year 6 5½/6 Luke Tooth Malcolm Sargent
Year 5 5½/6 Rithik Gaikwad Lisle Marsden Academy
Year 4 5/6 Joseph Saunders Stamford Junior School
Year 4 5/6 Matthew Green Lisle Marsden Academy
Year 3 5/6 Harvey Robertson John Clare Primary
Year 2 6/6 Nicholas Lees Malcolm Sargent

Girl Champions
Under 11 Laura Walton Kirkby-on-Bain
Under 9 Mia Permarker John Clare School

Runners Up
Under 11 5/6 Aaron Bruce Kirkby-on-Bain

Scoring 4/6
Sian Spencer Lisle Marsden Academy
Nikhil Gandamaneni Stamford
Jacon Harrison Lisle Marsden Academy
Sam Bagley-Pett Lisle Marsden Academy
David Scott Boston Free School
Edward Hall Stamford
Robert Tombs Witham Hall
Harvey Walker Lisle Marsden Academy
Perry Tilah John Clare School
Ben Cain Lisle Marsden Academy
Ewen Rodell Witham Hall
Tom Lidgard Lisle Marsden Academy

Stamford Festival of Chess

U18 Programme of Events (3rd Feb)

Here is the programme for 2013:

Lincolnshire Festival of Chess (19th Jan)

The next county event is the Festival of Chess Tournament which is being held at Stamford Junior School on February 9th. An entry form is available to download. The tournament gives the opportunity for young players in the north of the county to be matched against those in the south.

Junior Calendar of Events for 2013 (13th Jan)

Here are some upcoming events:

Kirkby-on-Bain Results (2nd Dec)

Here is a summary of the event from Keith Palmer:

"Thank you to children, staff and supporters from Kirkby-on-Bain School who made us so welcome at the chess training event on Saturday. The lovely village school made the perfect setting for our chess event.

The day began with 3 quick-fire rounds of ten minute chess, with four groups of closely matched players trying to balance the constraints of time with move accuracy. It was interesting to see how players coped with the unusually tight time demands.

After a 30 minute coaching session, eight teams were formed to play a more relaxed consultation match. Here teams could collaborate over moves before making their final decisions on a master board.

A further coaching session, this time focused on attack in chess was followed by the final two rounds of the ten minute tournament. A prize giving ceremony by Mr Morley, Head Teacher closed the event. Commemorative medallions were awarded to all entrants."

Notable scores from the ten minute tournament were:

5/5: David Scott, Sibsey Free School
4/5: Tom Lidgard, Lisle Marsden Academy, Matthew Beardmore, Kirkby-on-Bain School, Bradley Beattie, Kirkby-on-Bain School, Joanna Hoyle, Kirkby-on-Bain School
3½/5: Connor Wilson, Lisle Marsden Academy and Ben Cain, Lisle Marsden Academy

kirkby-on-bain training event kirkby-on-bain training event

U18 Tournament Grantham Results (2nd Dec)

The results for the U18 tournament held at Grantham on 17th November is as follows:

No Name School Grade Points
1 Amy Milson King Edwards Louth 128 6
2 Neelay Sant Boston Grammar 102
3 Augustus Jackevic John Gleed 64 4
4 William Taylor Grantham King's 73 4
5 William Knight Grantham King's 128 4
6 Ernestas Jackevic Spalding Grammar 128
7 Callum Foard   82 3
8 Riaz Fazal  Grantham King's UG 3
9 Jacob Storey Grantham King's e38  3
10 Nathan McKieron Grantham King's 65
11 Rohan Sant Boston Grammar 84
12 Cameron Marnoch Cordeaux 49 2
13 David Scott   UG 2
14 Ryan Champion Grantham King's UG 2
15 Daniel Godfrey Grantham King's 75 2

North Lincolnshire Individual Chess Championships (17th Nov)

The results from the North Lincolnshire Individual Chess Championships held at Lisle Marsden Academy on Saturday 10th November are as follows:

Lincolnshire Individual Girls Champions
Under 11 Lucie Bagley-Pett 4/6
Under 9 Iona Smedley 3/6

Lincolnshire Individual Boys Champions
Under 11 Thomas Walton 5/6
Under 10 Rithik Gaikwad 4½/6
Under 9 Matthew Green 5/6
Under 8 Ben Cain 5/6
Under 7 Tom Lidgard 3/6

Medals for achieving 50% or higher were given to Aaron Bruce, Abigail Harvey, Sian Spencer, Laura Walton, Harris Moorcroft, Samuel Wright Crofts, Adam Grant and Isaac Towndrow.

The winner of the Amy Norman Cup for the best score by a Lisle Marsden girl pupil was Lucie Bagley-Pett.

The winner of the Alf Newman Shield for the best score by a Lisle Marsden pupil was Thomas Walton.


U18 Tournament (12th Nov)

The next U18 tournament will be held at Grantham on 17th November. This is a 6 round Swiss tournament (25 mins each on the clock) for pupils at Lincolnshire Schools aged 11-18. An entry form is available to download.

Lincolnshire Training Event at Kirkby-on-Bain (12th Nov)

A training event has been scheduled for 24th November at Kirkby-on-Bain Primary School. This is the first time that Kirkby-on-Bain has been used for a chess event. A flyer can be downloaded with further details. Please contact Keith Palmer by email if you wish to enter the event.

Junior calendar of events (16th Oct)

Here are some U11 junior events coming up this season: